Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

by Olyphant

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Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, the new LP from Olÿphant, finds our heroes expanding on their unique blend of classic metal and thrash via elements of prog, and stoner/doom. These 8 songs feature heavy riffage, soaring melodic vocals, shredding guitar leads, an explosive rhythm section, atmospheric touches and interludes, and a fantastical and macabre lyrical bent. For fans of Iron Maiden, early-Metallica, Mastodon, and early-The Sword.


released October 7, 2016

Written, produced, mixed, and engineered by Olÿphant.
Mastered at New Alliance East, Cambridge - MA (www.newallianceeast.com)
All original artwork and packaging by William Collins (www.walkercreek.com/thamber, fineartamerica.com/profiles/5-william-collins.html).

Olÿphant is
Jeff Clarkson
Steve Dowsett
Scott Randall
Brett C. Hess
Andy Small

Jeff Clarkson – Bass guitars, backing vocals
Steve Dowsett – Drums, backing vocals
Scott Randall – Electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Andy Small – Vocals, synthesizers
Brett C. Hess – Guitar solo on Incidents in the Butterfly Garden, backing vocals
Rachel Tuckman-Small – Vocals on The Expedition
Liz Blanton – Backing vocals
Alexander Blanton – Backing vocals
Dave Belleville – Backing vocals

Olÿphant would like to thank our fans, friends, and families, and all of the bands that we’ve played with and all of the promoters that have booked us over the years.

Special thanks to Dave and Ellen Clarkson, Rachel Tuckman-Small, Eva Small, Kimberly Clarkson, Liz Blanton, Alexander Blanton, Katy Dowsett, Kimber Hess, William Collins, Gary Gygax, Bohdan Kupka, Chris Harvey, Dante Gaeta, Dave Pycocsz and the staff at Major Magleashes, Chris at Metal Thursday, Joe Anzalone, Dave Belleville, Steve Belleville, Ben Schad, Mike Clayton, Joe and Tom from Riding Shotgun, The Good Captain, and H.P. Lovecraft.


© 2016 Olÿphant Music Ltd.



all rights reserved


Olyphant Salem, Massachusetts

Olÿphant’s [pronounced ol-uh-funt] was formed in 2009. Their songs draw from a unique amalgam of influences, including: 80's thrash, NWOBHM, AD&D, stoner and doom metal, craft beer, J.R.R Tolkien, H.P Lovecraft, and modern progressive metal.

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Track Name: Brown Jenkin
Falling unaware that
Evil sleeps here
Lay down
My weary bones upon this bed
I will not find peace

This twisted hybrid thing
Is haunting me
In dreams at night
I cannot hide
It's watching me
Is breaking me
Please wake me up

Scream out
No one can hear my voice
Ringing silence
Reach out
Icy fingers wrapped around my throat
I cannot break free


Inter-dimensional travel
Out of body when I sleep
The nightmares make me weak
Children's bones and ancient tomes
Offerings to the Elder things
Primeval Earthly kings

Breaking o’er this town
I won't see it
Trapped inside this dream I hope to die
These walls hold secrets

Track Name: Incidents in the Butterfly Garden
Outside looking in at my cold and empty life
The past is revealing my true self my perfect icy soul
My heart set a flutter/Pale beauty/Perfect skin
A new dalliance to ease a calculating troubled mind

There’s no other way/I have hell to pay/I am the architect of doom
These idle hands betray my master plan/I write my history in the blood of innocence

Time is of the essence/Commit the perfect crime
Cold, careful, precision/So meticulous, discrete, sublime
Take pride in my work/The plot is thick with blood
One way to end this story/Your corpse in perfect packaged pieces


The time has come to wake the butcher/Drag the knife through bone and skin
The dark passenger is taking over/Don't know where he ends and I begin
True evil does exist/Alive and well inside of me
Free from this cocoon I spread my wings and fly again

Track Name: The Grey Havens (To the Sea)
Take my hand
We’ll travel this dark land
To the place where the river meets the sea
Follow me
Along this crooked path
I will be your eyes to see
Put your trust in me
And out of shadow I will lead

The primeval forest’s a sinister road
A trap for the craven, a test for the bold
A place for the helpless when things fall apart
Lost in the barrow, the trembling starts
The boughs of the trees are twisted and gnarled
The branches a blanket--a burial shroud
A scaffold for traitors high up on the hill
Death to the stranger that won’t bend to its will

Can you remember the place?
On the shoreline
Lonely sky and sea
Can you pick up the pace?
Can you see that twilight's breaking?
Night is drawing near

Cold as death
Alive and without breath
Wicked whispers in the trees
Tarry here
And today may be your last
Morgoth is drawing near



In the grey mist of dawn
Hear the wind's song
The chant of the sea
Washing over me
We're sailing away
On wings of a new day
Our worries abate
The havens await on distant shorelines
Track Name: The Expedition
It started with a messenger in the years after the war
Peculiar words upon his lips
Macabre tales of devastation
The villagers are scared and now the old king needs a hand
Murder in the borderlands
An evil from beyond the realms of man

The darkness swallows whole
The hard and calloused souls of sinners
The beast that haunts my dreams
The bringer of the end of all things

Darkness falls on wings of night
The autumn moon brings second sight
Lost in the mazes of my mind
I’ll leave the world of light behind

I traveled thirteen days and nights by land and over sea
With a fellowship of strangers that were good for war but not for hunting
Deep within the mountain pass the wind did howl and moan
With mad disquietude we plunged fearful into the baleful shadows



Heaven help me
I’m lost and abandoned and scared
Someone help me
My body is broken

I’m chilled to the bone
Alone in the dark
Time is a memory in this dreadful place
Trapped in a dream
Helpless and pithless in the icy earth I will wait

I have wandered way too deep
What lies behind this wall of sleep?
For love the wolf will eat the sheep

When I awoke as from a dream
My body healed, but my will was not my own
The metamorphosis complete
A lien on my body, and a mortgage on my soul
Track Name: Before the Fall
The keepers of the ancient secrets
Alchemists and knowledge seekers
History in broken pieces
Divine gifts to guide and teach us

History will be repeated
The rise before the fall
The circle of life

(Whoa-oh) Progress claims a victory
(Whoa-oh) Proclaim the new world order far and near!
(Whoa-oh) Fall down on your knees believe!
(Who-oh) The truth incarnate man-made deity!

The fool upon the hill is weeping
For the sick, the lame, the beaten
A wisdom tooth impacted bleeding
Rip it out and start believing



Change will come with upheaval and fear
As the enlightenment draws near
The pendulum of our own mad clockwork
We are helpless to halt its swing


Track Name: Slave
On the horizon there is a light that shines
A haunted people just stand and stare, gathered in the darkness in despair
Their earthly treasure’s a shattered dream
Arise and watch the clock tick
A growing terror, a nagging fear, hatred for the ones who put them here

You could be free from pain, but you remain a slave
And you could just break these chains, but you remain a captive to a system that failed

This is the wasteland where hollow men will live
Beneath the dark and painted skies, believing in the false and twisted lies


Can you see them crawling in the maze
Can you hear them crying to be saved
Night calls, day falls, stumbling in the fray
Limbs snap, bones crack, man becomes the prey
Endless nightmare, the bell begins to toll
Death comes swiftly, starving for your soul
War’s rage, fires blaze, blackening the earth
All die—Mankind crying for rebirth